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Kiesel - Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec

Kiesel - Servoflex-Trio-SuperTec

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Flexible full transfer thin set and medium bed mortar

  • For interior and exterior application, freeze/thaw stable
  • Superior non-sag characteristic for large format floor tiles, exceeding industry requirements
  • Extended coverage; minimum 30 % more than a standard 50 lbs bag
  • New mortar generation with easy trowel technology and extended bucket time
  • Self-curing
  • Recycled content
  • Adjustable mortar consistency to accommodate the weight of the tiles
  • For under and over uncoupling membranes and tile boards
  • Rapid hardening development (can be exposed to final heavy commercia, after three days only *)
  • traffic
  • Full mortar transfer (at 7.0 l or 1.8 U.S. gals.) – no back-buttering
  • required (levelled and flat substrates only)**
  • Can be used on exterior grade and industry-approved plywood (interior, dry environment only)***
  • Reliable curing at low temperatures
  • Can also be used over heated screed, balconies and patios
  • For porcelain, stoneware installations
  • Real multipurpose properties
  • White version available
  • SuperTec-technology for dense mortar matrix
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